my process
Whether you need new business cards or an entirely new visual identity, my process remains the same: research, strategy, design and implementation.
The most important step in the process, research lays the groundwork for our success.
While each project is different, I always start by examining a few key areas: your mission and values, your competition and where you want to be in the future. Specifically, I may audit your existing materials, survey comparable brands, request you fill out a detailed questionnaire, or interview you and your team directly.
This discovery phase informs my creativity and ensures I present meaningful work aimed at accomplishing your goals.
In this stage we make a plan. Research often uncovers exciting possibilities, and before I begin creating any concepts I want to make sure we’re in agreement about where we’re headed.
We’ll develop a creative brief that summarizes the research, sets goals for the project and defines a direction for the work. Throughout the design stage, we can refer back to this document to help us determine what’s working best. Think of it as our roadmap that ensures we stay on course.
Often considered the “fun part,” here we begin to bring our ideas to life!
I’ll consider many concepts that accomplish our creative brief—sketching dozens and dozens of ideas. I’ll present the best 2-3 solutions, each with its own unique style or tone. You’ll pick one that’s in the right direction and then we’ll tweak that one until it’s perfect.
Presentations are typically held over a video call, so I can explain my rationale and we can talk openly about the proposed solutions. Honest feedback will help us reach the best result—really, I need you to be blunt!
A typical scope of work will include up to 3 rounds of revisions. There’s always room to increase that, but if we’re honest and intentional in the Research and Strategy stages, we shouldn’t need more.
Time to launch the work! Once you’ve approved final designs, I’ll create the specific files and deliver them to you electronically. If needed, I can help manage the quoting and printing process for any portion of the project.
When I’ve enjoyed working with a client, I tend to enjoy continuing to work with them. You’re always welcome to stay in touch if you’re unsure about implementing or extending any of our work together. Many of my clients opt in for ongoing design help.
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