Accrew Brand Refresh
Accrew, a people-focused finance company that believes accounting doesn't have to suck, needed to shift their brand perception. Often seen as a tech company, we needed to reposition the brand within the marketplace. With greater authenticity and a renewed purpose as well as a refreshed image, they could begin to effectively increase visibility and attract best-fit clients.
I conducted a brand audit and guided key stakeholders through strategy sessions to discover opportunities and define objectives. We concluded the name, logo, and core values were still appropriate and useful. The brand messaging and in particular the brand website and colors were off track.
Together, we reframed Accrew's story and revised how they describe their service offerings. I defined a new color palette and selected a new typeface to fit the brand personality best. Finally, I implemented the new brand assets on an improved, mobile-friendly website that keeps the client at the center of the story and offers clear calls to action.

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